Teresa & Sandy Durko

Retired NFL  football player

My family and I have bought and sold many homes.  But we have never experienced the level of professionalism and care as we did with Kathy and Michele.

We’ve always performed a thorough due diligence in the selection of a brokerage firm and in particular the agent from that firm to represent our interests.

Without question we made the perfect choice.

These two women have an exceptional eye for design and staging.  Don’t dismiss the importance of this as we know in this day and age the vast majority of buyers begin their search online first.  With that said, all aspects of their marketing – brochures, web site, photography, internet – were the highest quality and exceeded even our high standards.

With every offer made they sat with us, discussing and analyzing the merits of each deal.  This was obviously a vital decision so that we did not enter into escrow haphazardly.  We knew with confidence that we chose the right Buyers.

It was Kathy and Michele’s ability to negotiate tirelessly on our behalf that impressed us both equally.  The myriad of contracts, emails, and phone communication was at times overwhelming but they were highly organized and always provided clarity.

The most successful of all deals is when both parties feel that they have “won”.  Kathy and Michele endeavored at all times to bring a sense of fairness and honesty that defies their business.

Unlike any agent we have worked with in the past, this team – at the very beginning – adamantly insisted that they would NOT represent both sides of the deal should a buyer contact them directly.  Clearly representing and being protective of our interests were first and foremost on their minds.

There is no question that we both highly recommend this dynamic team!

Jim Donegan

Proprietor Rock ‘N Fish Restaurant

I am writing this letter to express my deepest gratitude for Michele Chodos & Kathy Siegel for selling our home in Palos Verdes.

To say they went beyond the normal scope of responsibility is a gross understatement.

I interviewed four different brokers who specialize in our unique area.  When I met Michele, I immediately felt a very professional bond and trust.

It’s very hard to remove emotion when dealing with something so close to the heart for myself and my siblings.  Most of my entire life was spent growing up in this home and it was a very difficult time for us. Having this bond and trust was very important to me. 

This decision, without a doubt, led to the best service and highest sales price we feel that we could have achieved..

They were extremely accessible along the way when a question would arise. Whether it was recommendations, staging ideas, pricing, timing, brochures or a question about our personal website that they had built for us, we felt their genuine support along the way and that we were properly armed for what was ahead of us. 

We were constantly alerted with what was going on daily and weekly which really helped make us feel part of the entire process.

Professional, compassionate, discreet & experienced.

These are the words that I would use to describe their efforts and the sole reason why I am giving them my highest recommendation to anyone who is pursuing an agent in the near future. 


Linda Elliott & Ray Johnson

The Elliott Group Financial Advisors
VP of Space Launch Operations, The Aerospace Corporation

Let me start by saying that I heartily and enthusiastically recommend the team of Michele & Kathy to anyone – and I do at every opportunity.

My husband and I have highly demanding jobs. We don’t have any extra time so when we met with Michele & Kathy we were very precise about our needs and our time constraints, explaining in great detail exactly what our specifications were.

Michele & Kathy listened carefully.

Having successfully found us a home, we promptly hired them to sell our current home – and not surprisingly – they exceeded our expectations with that as well!

They staged our home and hired the best photographer available, created a magnificent website, brochures, and internet copy.

They sold our home immediately and for more than we anticipated.

During escrow many problems arose – and most were addressed and solved before we even knew they were problems! They were always incredibly professional and proactive. Their attention to detail is amazing.

It’s this phenomenal teamwork of Michele & Kathy that allowed us to continue to focus on our work while they – behind the scenes – focused on us.

This is exactly why my husband and I both highly recommend the tremendous team of Michele & Kathy.

Tsgoyna & Paul Tanzman

Speech Therapist
Partner/Financial Advisor
The Shadden Group
at Morgan Stanley Private
Wealth Management

As a first time seller, I had no idea how personal, demanding and emotional the process of selling a home would be. Aside from the voluminous quantity of legal details, contracts and paper work which Michele and Kathy expertly educated us about and made sure were submitted in a timely fashion, they brought a personal quality of respect and sensitivity to the process of selling our home.

With white glove treatment they respected and guarded our privacy and property as if it were their own.

From start to finish, Michele and Kathy worked not only as a cohesive team, but as individuals providing niche areas of expertise.

Michele brought a keen aesthetic eye to visually presenting our home in such a stunning manner I wanted to buy it! Additionally her skill as an accomplished writer enabled her to choose words that created a unique narrative of our home, setting it apart from the rest. And if you are looking for punctuality, Michele runs as true to time as a Swiss watch!

Kathy brings expertise in the area of specificity with contracts and follow-up on detailed time sensitive paperwork using current electronic tools minimizing unnecessary mailings or meetings. Surely another benefit of having them as a team is their ready accessibility and responsiveness. They were always reachable by text, phone or email.

Our home was sold in record time and as a result we were desperately seeking immediate short term housing. Kathy not only provided the steady stream of rental availability but also arranged for visits of properties. Together they negotiated our lease agreement with the same meticulous attention to detail to the point that the listing rental agent commented to them, “Why are you working so hard? They are not buying this home!” We were so thankful they did. They were proactive and clear in their communication and worked above and beyond our expectations.

We will be seeking the counsel of their services again as we look for our next home. In the meantime, we cannot praise them enough.

I can honestly say one can expect a phenomenal experience working with Kathy and Michele.

What truly sets them apart and makes working with them wholly satisfying, is not only their professionalism, but their genuine concern, sincerity,and awareness that selling or buying a home is far more comprehensive than just the structure of brick and mortar, but the life and all the inner workings of what takes place within that structure.

Dr. Bonnie McGarr
Dr. Michael Lesser

Advanced Veterinary Care Center Cardiology/Medical Director

When we decided to sell our home in Palos Verdes we were referred to Michele and Kathy by our financial advisor.  She had a wonderful experience with them finding her dream house and then quickly selling her previous home, and she recommended this team highly.

My husband and I met with Kathy and Michele and were immediately impressed with their organization and presentation. They assured us they would be there to help us with every step in selling our house. They were sincere and convincing, so we decided they would be our agents. We were not disappointed.

We are an extremely busy family of four. With our oldest child already in college and our youngest getting ready to start his freshman year on the other side of the country, we had a lot on our plate. We decided placing our house on the market during the summer months would be the best time to sell. However because of our overly scheduled lives, we actually didn’t contact Kathy and Michele until mid-summer. Believing our house would be the perfect fit for a family, we were hoping to find a buyer who was motivated to purchase a home in this wonderful school district before the school year started. Because of the timing, we wanted get our home ready to put on the market a.s.a.p.

Although we were asking something short of a miracle from Kathy and Michele, they assured us they could accomplish this challenging request.

In the weeks after our decision to use Michele and Kathy to represent us, they worked quickly and efficiently. They presented a market analysis, helped us decide on an asking price, had our home evaluated, and then helped us determine where to invest in

some minor improvements prior to placing our house on the MLS. They met with each representative who came to our house and worked around our schedule to make things happen fast. During this time they arranged for the photographer (who did an awesome job of making our home look it’s very best) to provide photographs for a beautiful brochure and website. In just a few short weeks our house was officially on the market, ready for the end of summer and the buyers who were still looking for a place to call home.

We then took a deep breath and waited. We took another breath and our house was sold! Not only did we receive a cash offer for asking price, but the buyers wanted to move their family in as soon as possible. Luckily we already owned our next home and were able to agree to a short escrow.

We had thought we would have a chance to relax a bit while waiting for our home to sell, but we underestimated Kathy and Michele. They did such an amazing job preparing our house for the market that we barely had time to catch our breath before accepting the offer!

My husband and I would not hesitate to recommend the team of Kathy and Michele. They were always pleasant and extremely professional. Not only did they enjoy our menagerie of pets, but Michele, who is highly allergic to cats, fell in love one of our “fur babies”, as well as our large tortoise. They both made everything easy for us and got the job done quickly, efficiently and with minimal effort on our part.

Kathy and Michele made our almost impossible expectations a reality. And now we can finally sit back, relax and most importantly, breathe! 

Miriam & Bolivar Vallarino

The Bascom Group

Thank you both Kathy & Michele…

….For your patience, for all your hard work and for your dedication to this whole process.

Eight months of trial and tribulations and we finally arrived at a successful conclusion.  

During all this time you both acted with due diligence and were very professional in every respect.  

Thank you for all your hard work and the excellent job you both did.  

We couldn’t have asked for more friendly and agreeable persons to work with.  

Jackie & Mitch Sussman

Professor CSU Long Beach
CEO Jobar International

Knowing that we had secured our DREAM home, we had to then focus on selling the family home where we raised our 3 children.  We knew that Kathy & Michele would handle this sale with the same level of detail as they had with our new home purchase.   As you can imagine there is a lot of emotion attached to the family home and all the memories that were created over the years.  They were very considerate about the feelings of our entire family.

The house was listed and we secured a buyer within the first couple of days.  As it turned out, these buyers could not perform, but Kathy & Michele were well prepared – this being the hallmark of their business – and had already secured another buyer whom they had officially put in “back-up” position.  They made it very clear that they would continue to market the house despite our already being in escrow and that a Back Up Offer is always a must with so many escrows not leading to a successful close.   

With the 2nd Buyers in place, we transitioned smoothly into a new escrow and, ultimately, feel that this new family will create their own memories in the home and community that we cherished for many years.

Kathy & Michele made themselves available at all times.  If we could not be home for an inspection or task that needed addressing, they were always available to handle every situation.  They went out of their way to go to the city to secure permits and paperwork that were necessary for a successful close of escrow.  They handled every Open House and showing as they

believe very strongly that their being present for every showing mattered.  Never was there ever a discussion about a lockbox.    How better to talk about a house and answer any question a buyer might have,  then with the knowlegable agent representing the house.  

We have settled into our new ocean view home and are reminded daily that Kathy & Michele played an integral part in what could have been a very daunting time of buying and selling a home.  The level of detail and communication exceeded all of our expectations.  

If you are looking to put your house on the market or are looking for a home, I can assure you it would be a win-win for you with the team of Kathy Siegel and Michele Swift Chodos.   

Susan & Bob Hickman

Northrop Engineer

Selling your home can be a daunting experience.  You can’t do better than having the team of Michele and Kathy in this situation. We refer to them as a team because that is what they are.  They both bring unique talents to the table. Between the two of them, they can answer any question and take care of any problem, and no matter what happens one of them will always be available.

Before the house went on the market they did extensive preparatory work that made the whole process go smoothly.  They also helped us with contractor referrals, so the house was ready to market when the time came.

They did an outstanding job marketing the house with beautiful, professional brochures, and also pre-coordinated with agents to have buyers lined up.

Our house was on the market less than a week.  They worked behind the scenes with the buying agents, allowing for a smooth sale.

After the details of the sale were reached, they continued to diligently work to make sure nothing fell through a crack, working with inspectors, banks, escrow, etc. to ensure a smooth closure.  They actually had a better knowledge of state and local building codes and requirements than the home inspector.  This saved us a great deal of expense and hassle.

We have been through many real estate transactions and never had a smoother, easier process, which was due to Michele and Kathy’s expertise and caring attitude.

Dr. Albert Grabb

Vascular & Interventional Radiology

It is with great pleasure, ease and enthusiasm that we recommend the extraordinary real estate team of Kathy and Michele. After over twenty years of living in our home in Palos Verdes Estates it was time to make the difficult decision to sell it. During every step of the way, Kathy and Michele demonstrated a level of professionalism, integrity,caring and attention to detail that greatly simplified a complicated process.

From our very first meeting through the final sale of our home, we felt that we were receiving an extraordinary level of service. The brochures that were prepared for the sale highlighted aspects of our home we hadn’t even considered. Their advice, recommendations and support along the way far exceeded our expectations. In our final negotiations with the ultimate buyers, Kathy and Michele demonstrated a creativity and diligence that left us knowing we had been represented in the most professional manner possible.

Now that the process is behind us we are still sort of in awe about how much easier and painless the whole thing had been made by them. When we talk to others about the experience of selling our home, it’s clear that we were simply afforded a whole new level of service. We unhesitatingly recommend the superb and talented team of Kathy and Michele. 

Susan & James Di Leo

NYC Realtor

It is with great pleasure that we spread the word about the team of Michele Chodos and Kathy Siegel, our real estate agents.

Through their experience, persistence and extreme knowledge of the market, We sold our home in PVE for the optimum price with the least amount of stress.

Michele and Kathy are focused on satisfying their clients and making sure that all is done to insure that the goal is reached. Their attention to every detail is amazing. NOTHING gets past them, and we always felt completely assured that we were in the best of hands. They follow through with everything they say they will do and they return calls promptly.

We could not imagine using any other real estate agents to sell or buy a property other than the team of Michele and Kathy.

With two people on your side, you can ALWAYS reach one of them if you have an urgent thought, question or issue.

Without a doubt, we whole-heartedly recommend these amazing professionals. Michele and Kathy have our permission to release our contact information to anyone who might want to discuss their services with us in more detail.

Gabriel Morales & Irma Banales

Product Director Seychelles/BC Footwear

If you are reading this it is because you are in the process of either buying or selling your home through and with Kathy Siegel and Michele Chodos.

First of all, congratulations!  Secondly, you are in great hands with these two ladies!

We mentioned through and with them because they will truly partner up with you through the entire process and both will make the buying and or selling experience easy.

They are not only nice people but they are truly professional and extremely thorough at everything they do.

We first met Kathy and Michele about a year before we were ready to sell our home and knew then that when we were ready to sell our home they were the ONLY ones we would deal with. We never forgot them and called them the day we were ready.

It was a pleasure working with them and we were extremely lucky to have had the pleasure. You will say the same thing too.  Enjoy working with them!

Judith Burke

Owner of Mix’t

Not only did Michele make the process of selling my home in PVE possible, she actually made it pleasurable and profitable.

Throughout our business relationship she made me feel that she cherished my home as much as I did.

She is the consummate professional, hard working, diligent and thorough.

There is no doubt that in the future, were I to be either a buyer or a seller, I would be committed to working with Michele Chodos.

Cynthia & Don Jortner


Kathy and Michele have been outstanding in every area of selling our home.

When they say they guarantee Accountability, Integrity, Accessibility and Tenacity, you can believe it!

They were meticulous in preparing advertising material, ever present in open houses and showings and wise in selection of the listing price.

We are thankful for their hard work and brilliant tactics which resulted in an over-bid situation and 8 offers.

In addition they were readily available for consultation both before and after the sale and very efficient in guiding us through the paperwork jungle.

We can’t recommend them highly enough.

Connie Lee, Esq.
William Lee

Luma Building
Downtown L.A.

We first met Kathy on our search for a new home for our newly growing family in the South Bay Area.  We saw a sign for a beautiful home and decided to call as we drove by.  I called thinking I would leave a message and come back in a few days, but low and behold she picked up and within the hour I was touring the home. Up til now we had only met and dealt with other realtors that showed us the cut and dry routine of the buy/sell process.

Kathy, on the other hand, was warm, polite, and very genuine – and yes, very knowledgable. My husband and I had had such a great first impression of Kathy that we knew we would be in great hands to have her also represent us as Sellers on our condo in Downtown Los Angeles.  Not only did we ask to have her has our exclusive selling agent, but also asked her to help us in locating a new home (she kindly obliged of course!).  For us, this was not a process of just a “buy and sell”, but we knew this could be a very huge emotional transition for my husband and for my newborn.

We later had the pleasure of meeting the other half of the team “Kathy & Michele”, and fell in love for a second time.  Michele was a different personality than that of Kathy, but in no way lacking.  Michele added the perfect touch of class, integrity, and savvy to her team.  She was also very genuine and kind and we knew our best interest would be her first priority.

They were there every step of the way to guide and counsel us through the process.  They went above and beyond their duties as our representatives to make us feel confident and comfortable with every decision we had to make.

The list can go on and on about the amazing dynamic team of “K+M”, but when it came down to achieving the near improbable, and sometimes impossible, the proof was in the pudding.  With their knowledge, skill and savvy, they were able to list, market and sell our home within the same week.  Not only did our home sell right within our expectations, they were able to help us screen and find us a fully qualified buyer (which is usually the hardest part in today’s economy).  Kathy and Michele’s experience and expertise were  “priceless” during this period.

My family and I would like to express our highest gratitude in helping us open a new chapter in our lives!   Your team is a true pleasure to work with and we HIGHLY RECOMMEND your team to anyone.  

Cathy & Jim Schumacher

Executive Director Saratoga Retirement
Civil Engineer

Our family recently moved to the Bay Area from Redondo Beach. We have several acquaintances that are realtors, but we chose Kathy & Michele due to our long term knowledge of their integrity and work ethic.

The move was hard on many fronts:  Cathy moved up first due to work considerations leaving Jim to deal with the details of readying the home for sale as well as caring for our special needs son.

Kathy and Michele helped us through every step of the move; from home preparation, finding excellent repair people, staging our house, creating beautiful ads, weekly open house and then caring for our house as the escrow progressed.

Throughout the process, they fulfilled every promise that they made.

At the close of escrow, their negotiation skills helped secure the closure of our escrow.  We recommend them without hesitation.

They are both tenacious in their desire to help you sell your home, yet sensitive to the realities that this was not just an investment- but the beloved home where we raised our children.

We will miss the Redondo Beach area, but we made an excellent decision in engaging Kathy & Michele as our realtors.  We are so thankful for their help.

Patty & Craig Elder

Lactation Specialist
Media Production Systems Engineer, Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems

Even when you have found the house of your dreams to retire in, many emotions emerge when you go to sell your home.  For us selling Wendy Drive meant saying goodbye to our children’s home they grew up in, and all of those memories attached to those years.  Perhaps unexpectedly there was also a certain amount of pride for all that we had done to beautify our home and make it everything we had wanted.  It was our pride and joy in many ways.  

So having Kathy and Michele approach the sale with such high regard and respect of our home meant more to us than we could have imagined. We knew that they would give us an honest and realistic appraisal of the home’s value.  Probably even more important they understood our concern and need for the sale to be quick and smooth due to our putting the “carriage before the horse”, so to speak.  We had already put our offer in on our dream retirement home, and were anxious to make sure our home sold in a timely manner.  

Kathy and Michele were there every step of the way and in some cases proactive, such as putting into place a backup offer to assure our house sold.  The photo shoot made me feel like a movie star with Michele making every room look more beautiful than ever with her touch of flowers and highlighting the details of our home.  Kathy was there making sure every detail of every contract was taken care of. And they made sure that personal items that were precious to us were safely put away before every prospective buyer’s visits, and for the open houses – which of course were scheduled around our work and personal schedules.  That kind of attention to detail makes a house sale not painful but a pleasure.

Both Kathy and Michele taught us it was more than just getting the price we wanted, but also an offer we could feel confident wouldn’t fall through escrow.  Their values of concern were for us and the buyers realizing it needed to be a win for all involved.  When I was out of town for a week they kept both of us in the loop with emails and phone calls, and assuring there was no delay in escrow.  In fact not only did they take care of the sale, but made sure I was getting cared for when I was sick!  

Having a team that functioned so smoothly together meant if one was unavailable the other could handle everything seamlessly.  When our buyer made sudden unplanned changes to his loan, Kathy & Michele were there making sure that the buyer’s agent and escrow knew that any delay of escrow would not only be unacceptable– but if need be another back up offer was in place.  They were quick in addressing the issue, assertive in stating our stance and firm in their expectations of how the issue needed to be resolved.  

Not only did we get a price we were confident was a great price for our home, but our escrow closed allowing the proceeds to flow into our purchase escrow within the necessary time frame.  We couldn’t have imagined how smoothly and with such expertise our sale went, thanks to the incredible team of Kathy and Michele.  

There was no regrets saying goodbye to our home, only excitement at the prospect of moving onto our dream retirement home with the help of our Kathy and Michele.  If you are looking to put your house on the market or are looking for a home, I can assure you it would be a win-win for you with the team of Kathy Siegel and Michele Swift Chodos.  

They will always be dear to our hearts for what they have done for us.

Mario Martinoli & Amy Strong

Chef / Restauranteur

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your knowledge and professionalism coupled with your real estate experience, savvy marketing technique and financial tools that you employed regarding our negotiation and successful sale.

As you well know, each and every homeowner that you take on as a client brings with them a separate and distinct set of challenges. You were not only in-tune with practical and local real estate matters, but most importantly sensitive to the personal issues that shaped our dealings to a happy and beneficial conclusion.

The breadth of insight that you brought to our dealings show that you know your subject. The employment of that information not only brought us a satisfactory sale price, but also showed that you were able to calm any fears and apprehension that I had as we went through the process.

With your help we were able to financially realize one of the largest part of our personal-financial dealings and I will be always be grateful for you being on our side.

You may certainly rest assured that if someone is in need of similar help with their house, you will wholeheartedly get the call.

Rollie & Susanne Berry

Technical Assistance to the
Director of the Division of Advanced Reactors, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Executive Assistant to Director
Office of Cyber Infrastructure Analysis
DHS/National Protection and Programs Directorate

The sale of our long-time home was managed by the highest caliber of professional real estate team, Michele Chodos and Kathy Siegel.

From their well-thought-out marketing plan to holding my hand through the packing and moving stage, this team of consummate and gracious professionals lead a knowledgeable and energetic strategy for the sale of our house.

An immediate strong and clean offer on our house was possible because of their superior knowledge of the local market and their wide community contacts.  Their attention to detail and day-to-day contact made me feel comfortable with the process of selling, and their sincere and honest advice was on-spot.  Their confident use of electronic documentation showed me Kathy and Michele are real estate professionals of the current times.

Kathy and Michele are trustworthy, diligent, capable as well as personable and patient.

I intend to recommend this team to family, friends, and neighbors for the sale or purchase of any property at any location.

Dorothy Weber
Denise Weber

Teacher – Mira Costa High School

Kathy and Michele are a compassionate real estate team of women that care about their clients as people and not a financial ticket. From the day we met these women, they helped us through putting the house on the market. Michele was helpful in staging our house for clients to walk through. This wasn’t easy in a two bedroom townhouse with a large extended family. She was courteous and listened to our needs and made the cramped space open and beautiful.

Kathy helped with the numerous amount of paperwork that goes along with buying and selling a house. Instead of having to travel to their office, we were able to review and sign all documents electronically. It was not only convenient, but safe and secure.

Any time we had a question, we were able to reach either one of them by the phone, text, and/or email. One or both of them would get back to us promptly.

A gorgeous house brochure was put together to help sell the house. Professional pictures were taken of the house and the surrounding property to help people visualize what their future home could look like. Michele eloquently worded the copy to allow a person to feel at home.

They went out of their way to help solve all of the problems that arose so we could proceed on schedule.

You would have thought they were purchasing our house with the amount of compassion and dedication they put into our new home. They treated us with respect and like family.

We have found excellent real estate agents that we would use again and will recommend to anyone who needs a top notch agent.

Cathy Malatesta

Lawless Entertainment, President

I can’t say enough good things about my recent experience with Sotheby’s Michele Swift Chodos and Kathy Siegel in the sale of my aunt’s house in Palos Verdes Estates.

Not only did they conduct themselves in a highly professional manner with regard to supplying me with comparables in the area, but they also designed a highly effective sales strategy which resulted in a sale that happened in record time at the desired price.

Their personal touch in assisting with all aspects of the sale as well as the clearing out of the house, was very much appreciated.

I would highly recommend this dynamic duo for anyone in the area hoping to have an efficient and effective real estate sales experience.

Kellie Benoy

Reiki Instructor

Kathy Siegel and Michele Chodos provided excellent service throughout the process of selling my home. I sought out their professional services under somewhat unusual circumstances, and they approached the sale of my home with diligence, attention to detail, and commitment. They promptly and thoughtfully responded to all correspondence, and they helpfully addressed each of my questions and concerns along the way. I would heartily recommend them to anyone embarking upon a real estate transaction because they offer a high level of experience, professionalism, and authenticity in what they do.

Dung Nguyen & Tim Chin

Regulatory Affairs Analyst         Professor of English California State University

When we decided to sell our home in Redondo Beach, we knew we wanted to work with agents who were knowledgeable, professional, had a high degree of integrity, and understood our goals and values.  With Michele and Kathy, we got all that and more.  At every stage of the selling process, Kathy and Michele were unfailingly positive and encouraging, making even the more daunting aspects of preparing the house for sale—taking care of necessary repairs, de-cluttering, staging—as smooth as possible.  Many agents talk about transparency, but with Michele and Kathy transparency was not just a buzzword.  It was a core principle that guided their relationship with us as clients and every aspect of how they approached the marketing and sale of our home.  They were incredibly responsive, answered all of our questions promptly and thoroughly, taking the time to explain the ins and outs of pricing, reviewing bids, navigating the legal complexities of contracts and escrow, so that we always felt informed and in control.  Kathy and Michele’s work was characterized by a remarkable attention to detail, a calm and thoroughly professional demeanor, and superior strategic and tactical thinking.  To our surprise and delight, we received seven solid offers on our house, all at asking price or higher, and all within a week of putting it on the market.  The care and consideration with which Michele and Kathy treated all the potential buyers spoke volumes about their integrity and transparency.  And at the same time, Kathy and Michele always had our best interests uppermost in their minds and maximized the situation to put us, as sellers, in the strongest possible negotiating position.  Michele and Kathy worked incredibly well together; each had her own particular strengths, and complimented the other perfectly to make a truly dynamic duo.  Selling a home can be a difficult and emotionally fraught experience—we lived in our house for fourteen years and raised two children there—but we felt that we were in good hands with Kathy and Michele every step of the journey.  They were not just first class agents, but also coaches, advocates, advisors, and good friends who assisted us in reaching our goal.