Isabel & Ramin Daizadeh

Jewelry Designer
Application Sales Manager, Oracle, USA

Michele and Kathy were a tremendous help in finding my family a home.

The area we were pursuing was competitive to say the least. Houses came up occasionally and when they did, you better have your ducks in a row.

When they heard about the property we eventually purchased, we were the first to know.

Then they used their network of realtors, loan officers, escrow companies, inspectors, etc to make it happen. They were very professional from start to end.

Both Michele and Kathy were always looking out for my best interest and that of my family.

I would definitely use this dynamic team to purchase another home.

Linda Elliott & Ray Johnson

Senior Vice President – Investments Elliott & Carlsen Wealth Management Group
VP Space Launch Operations
The Aerospace Corporation

Let me start by saying that I heartily and enthusiastically recommend the team of Michele & Kathy to anyone – and I do at every opportunity.

My husband and I have highly demanding jobs. We don’t have any extra time so when we met with Michele & Kathy we were very precise about our needs and our time constraints, explaining in great detail exactly what our specifications were for our “dream home”. Essentially we said, “Don’t bother us until you find it.

Michele & Kathy listened carefully.

They literally looked for a year before they called – at this point insistent – and they showed us only two homes. Both were exactly what we asked for. We bought the second home immediately because not only was it absolutely the right home but it was even more than what we’d asked for.

During escrow many problems arose – and most were addressed and solved before we even knew they were problems! They were always incredibly professional and proactive. Their attention to detail is amazing.

It’s this phenomenal teamwork of Michele & Kathy that allowed us to continue to focus on our work while they – behind the scenes – focused on us.

Lloyd & Susan Mencinger

Vice President Sales & Marketing
Europe, Middle East, Africa
EndoStim, Inc.

We would like to offer our warm thanks to you for what turned out to be a wonderful experience in purchasing our new home!  And I must say that “wonderful” is not the term that normally comes to mind when you think of going through a real estate transaction, but in this case it was true!

From the outset it was a challenge, since we were living in London, and you were doing all the upfront work via long distance, without ever having met us. There was a lot of phone, email, and Skype-ing going on.

I think of our experience with you in two basic parts.  Phase 1 was the search and selection.  In this phase, you both brought great skill in understanding who we are as people, capturing our unique situation, having empathy for our circumstances, and interpreting our desires, (actually, most importantly, Susan’s desires).  This is clearly a very high level skill, which you excelled at, and in particular, even before ever meeting us!

You were on top of the market dynamics minute by minute, and when a house came up that fit the bill for us, you immediately ran over and created a custom video, edited by you, to specifically address our key needs. You emailed it to us in London, (which required more editing due to file size!), and Susan and I were able to review and discuss it in real time.  This creative approach was key to the process, in that few properties were coming on the market, there were multiple bids, and time was of the essence. 

Also, in short order, it seemed that you could almost read Susan’s mind regarding her view on each new property. This made the process even more efficient in that we quickly zeroed in on the best selections and didn’t waste time.

Then came Phase 2, which I think of as transaction execution.  This is where you really impressed us!  It was clear that you had a singular focus:   advocate for our interests and protect us.  You were completely honest with us and available at all times.  Your skill in the mechanics of a deal and attention to the detail are superb. You knew which inspections to have, and which were not needed.  You had a ready network of experts to advise, which helped us feel secure and streamlined the entire process. We confidently relied on your recommended negotiation approach which lead to a very successful and happy transaction for both parties involved.

Your team approach, the fact that there are two of you with complementary skills, was something that we had not experienced in any of our (considerable), prior real estate transactions.  The value of your approach became clear to us, in terms of managing the details, continuous accessibility, and speed of the transaction.  Nothing fell through the cracks!
Beyond all of the above, it became clear that you genuinely cared for us as people, which is something that we could feel.  This sets you apart in an important regard.

Thank you again for a great experience, and of course, please feel free to use us as very positive references for you at any time in the future.

Patty & Craig Elder

Media Production – Systems Engineer
Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems
Lactation Specialist

It was on a whim that my husband and I decided to look for a home with a view and settle down, minus our grown children. 

We contacted Kathy to help us test the waters because we know her personally.  We know her honesty and work ethic, and knew we wouldn’t feel pushed or nudged into anything we weren’t ready for.  

What a surprise that on the first day looking, the second house was just what we were looking for!  Kathy, wanting to make sure we had seen other available possibilities, took us around to other homes that also fit our criteria. But we kept returning to “our home with character”! 

When it was time to put in an offer, Kathy and Michele guided us through the process with a focus on the market, contract details and the gentle support needed when making such a important decision.  

Kathy and Michele complement each other as partners with each having expertise handling different aspects of the real-estate market.  Kathy explained every piece of paper that needed our signatures and made it convenient for us in our busy schedules with digital contract signatures.  Michele’s attention to detail over the home and the personal emotions involved in the negotiating process made each step seem almost effortless. 

They approached the inspection process with the same efficiency and detail needed for a 60 year old home, organizing all the many inspections on the same day allowing us to be there with our contractor.  Craig was able to talk with each inspector after their evaluations which helped to ease our minds and pave the way for what we knew would await us during our remodel.  

When our house closed escrow and we went to get our keys to our new house, we wouldn’t have wanted anyone else there but Kathy and Michele.  Crossing the threshold was a memory only to be shared with these two incredible realtors and friends.  

If you are trying to find someone to help you find “the home of your dreams” or to sell your current home, we can’t think of two people who possess such extraordinary and professional qualities as Kathy and Michele. 

They take an overwhelming process and walk side by side with you the whole way.  They are two incredibly skilled, dedicated individuals working for your best every single day.

This testimonial can’t do justice to what we feel about the two of you are as our realtors and friends!

Gwen Grabb

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Author

Dear Kathy & Michele,  I wanted to let you know that today when I drove up the driveway of the new house and saw my animals up in the window, I felt happy and finally at home here. Moving after 18 years in the same house where I raised my kids was very hard emotionally.  The only way I knew to lessen the fear and sadness I had about leaving was to find someplace I was excited about and that had something I didn’t have in my current home.  When I explained this to you both, I could tell you got it immediately.  You were sensitive, direct, attentive, reassuring and pretty fun to hang out with to be honest.  I never felt pressured or guilty for calling with questions or problems.  I really appreciated all the patience you had with me.

I was skeptical about the “team” approach and wasn’t sure how that would work exactly, but I soon found it to be more effective and easier than the traditional way.  You both have different strengths, which was a huge advantage.  I was very confident that anything I needed would be handled with expertise and sensitivity.

The real reason I chose you to help me with this move is because I completely trust you both; professionally as well as personally.  It was obvious you knew what you are doing and you were committed to helping me feel comfortable throughout the whole process.  You included me in whatever I wanted to be included in and protected me from stuff I didn’t need to worry about.  I trusted your guidance because I felt you really knew what I wanted and had my best interest in mind at all times.

You both were helpful as humanly possible throughout the whole process  When I lost the first house due to an over-bid situation and I feared that I would never find something else I loved as much I remember you saying, “We promise you we will find you a house you love.”  I am not the kind of person who is easily comforted by that the of reassurance, but I was that time.  You seemed so sure and I believed you.  And you were right.  We found one that I love more and I am so grateful I didn’t get the other one now.

So, thank you both for everything.  I am so glad I chose you both to guide me and help me buy my new home.  I am loving it here more everyday.  I just wanted to share this with you and let you know how much I’m enjoying my house – its beauty, the views, all of it.  I’m so grateful. 

We cannot praise them enough. I can honestly say one can expect a phenomenal experience working with Kathy and Michele. 

Teresa & Sandy Durko

Retired NFL Football Player

Kathy & Michele are a remarkable Team. They stand apart in a marketplace packed with real estate agents.  

Their integrity, their word, their fighting for us  is unparallelled in a business which is fraught with potential legal snafus seemingly at every turn.  

Every communication was in writing.  Every detail was documented. There was never the chance that anything could be misconstrued or left to question.

We’ve bought and sold dozens of homes using dozens of agents. We know the difference.

We trust this long-standing team of Kathy Siegel & Michele Swift Chodos because they earned it on the sale of another property we built in Palos Verdes Estates.

We then entrusted them with finding us an investment property.  They never wasted our time.  They carefully saw, and considered, every house that came on the market in the course of just under a year, ultimately presenting us with 2 homes they felt had great upside.  We missed viewing the 1st home as we were out of town and yet, exactly as they predicted, it went far above asking price.

The 2nd home they notified us about was one that they – somehow – got us into prior to the official Open House despite the Agent refusing access to anyone else.  (Maybe this is where having great relationships with other Agents matters.)

Because we could see this house – and because they’ve proven that they know their market – and that they have OUR interests at heart – we entered into the unsettling process of a bidding war with more than six other interested parties.  (The agent told Kathy & Michele that despite the offers flowing in she was “capping” the limit at the 6 offers she had in hand.)

To say that we “won” the house is still a surprise.  Their well thought out strategies – all discussed at length together, running every angle and every  “what if” scenario – gave us yet more confidence.  

Relationships, trust, between the Seller and Buyer, and between the Agents you choose to represent you, will ultimately be as much of a factor as the bottom line sales price.  

Thank you both, Kathy & Michele, for your exemplary work.

Connie & William Lee

Director of Operations, Dollar Fashion, Inc.

We first met Kathy on our search for a new home for our newly growing family in the South Bay Area.  We saw a sign for a beautiful home and decided to call as we drove by.  I called thinking I would leave a message and come back in a few days, but low and behold she picked up and within the hour I was touring the home. Up til now we had only met and dealt with other realtors that showed us the cut and dry routine of the buy/sell process.

Kathy, on the other hand, was warm, polite, and very genuine – and yes, very knowledgeable.

My husband and I had such a great first impression of Kathy that we knew we would be in great hands to have her also represent us as Sellers on our condo in Downtown Los Angeles.  Not only did we ask to have her has our exclusive selling agent, but also asked her to help us in locating a new home (she kindly obliged of course!).

For us, this was not a process of just a “buy and sell”, but we knew this could be a very huge emotional transition for my husband and for my newborn.

We later had the pleasure of meeting the other half of the team “Kathy & Michele”, and fell in love for a second time.  Michele was a different personality than that of Kathy, but in no way lacking.  Michele added the perfect touch of class, integrity, and savvy to her team. She was also very genuine and kind and we knew our best interest would be her first priority.

They were there every step of the way to guide and counsel us through the process.  They went above and beyond their duties as our representatives to make us feel confident and comfortable with every decision we had to make.

The list can go on and on about the amazing dynamic team of “K+M”, but when it came down to achieving the near improbable, and sometimes impossible, the proof was in the pudding.

With their knowledge, skill and savvy, they were able to list, market and sell our home within the same week.  Not only did our home sell right within our expectations, they were able to help us screen and find us a fully qualified buyer (which is usually the hardest part in today’s economy).  Kathy and Michele’s experience and expertise were  “priceless” during this period.

My family and I would like to express our highest gratitude in helping us open a new chapter in our lives!   Your team is a true pleasure to work with and we HIGHLY RECOMMEND your team to anyone.   

Patty & Mitch Tarica

V.P. Area Sales,
Oracle America

When we decided to move to Palos Verdes, we were told by friends how important it is to have a great real estate agent because it is a very competitive real estate market.  We knew we needed to work with someone who lives in the area and is very well educated on ALL of Palos Verdes.  Well, we found that in Kathy and Michele!  From the first phone conversation, to viewing multiple houses, to putting an offer on a house and not getting our offer accepted, to finally entering escrow on a great house, Kathy and Michele have been excellent partners in our home search.

Finding the perfect house for our family entailed knowing about the neighborhood school, finding the streets where there were other children who our kids would possibly go to school with, and knowing more about the local synagogue and its congregation.  Kathy and Michele eagerly and patiently helped us with all of this, not only by driving us around the neighborhood and showing us Palos Verdes, but by introducing us to people like the education director at the synagogue. 

They go above and beyond just finding us a house.  They have referred us to contractors, told us great local places to eat, and even created a perfect day of activities to help get our 10 year old daughter get excited about moving to this new neighborhood!  They really have been instrumental in helping us immerse ourselves into our new community.

We may be nearing the end of the house-buying process, but we know we are just beginning a friendship with Kathy and Michele!!!

Julie Yu & Dr. Jerry Kim

Interior Designer
ER Doctor
Little Company of Mary Hospital

Kathy Michele Michele Kathy — Your names are synonymous either way you say it because you are both on top of information and at the same time!

Working with you both has been seamless and thank you for your speedy delivery on everything I can think of, including references.

You make great partners and we can’t be happier to have made our long distance move a reality in a matter of 4 months (start to finish)!  It was an unbeatable timeframe we weren’t even sure was possible and you even helped us close w/ keys in hand at the most ideal time for us.

You told us what we needed to get done and put dates on the calendar for us according to our schedule when we were visiting from out of town.

Thank you for narrowing our search according to what we asked for, even though we wanted to see everything, it kept us focused and on task.  From our first conversation we knew we found our agents.  It was a month before meeting you and 3 months later we had a house!  The process was seamless and it made it a pleasure working with knowledgeable agents in the area who understood what we were looking for and represented us even though we couldn’t always be there.  You worked in our best interest from the beginning to the end and helped make our wish a reality.  Thanks again, we couldn’t be happier in our new home!

Michelle Koo & Harold Kim

Interior Designer
LA Fire Fighter

We were referred to Michele and Kathy by another real estate agent with whom we were very comfortable working with and trusted; she said that she could help us but that truthfully, there were two ladies in the Palos Verdes area who were the ones we should be talking to. Recommendation of the year.

Before we talk about what Michele and Kathy were able to do for us, we need to introduce what a phenomenally difficult task we set for them. We were a growing family looking for what every growing family needs: more house for the kids. What set us apart was that we had basically a one and a half month deadline to find a home. Not a house, a home. We didn’t want to find a house knowing we’d have to move again; we wanted to set down roots and begin our future.

We talked to Michele and Kathy initially over the phone and they arranged a day for us to come visit some homes in the Palos Verdes Peninsula. Mind you, we were traveling 40 minutes with a then 7 month old so we had to make the most out of visits and open houses. We met Michele and Kathy and instantly got a feel for them. They planned a tour of the Peninsula as we visited several open houses; they wanted us to not only find a home but love the area as well. They got it.

After only 2 days of 8-10 viewings, we found what had the potential to be our home. We say after only two days, but now understand how much preparation went into those two days. Almost every home met our criteria and if they didn’t, they weren’t off by much. It was also easy to see that the homes shown to us on our second visit were much more narrowly focused; Michele and Kathy had taken our comments and reactions to the first day and had refined our search for us.
Michele and Kathy are very much a one-two combination. Michelle speaks the language of aesthetics and design and possesses a keen eye for potential. She was more concerned with how we felt about what we were seeing, whether we could envision ourselves happy in each home. Kathy is more the pragmatist and once Michele had weaved her ideas with our own while looking at house after house, Kathy brought the discussion back to the realm of practical decisions. She broke down meticulously whether or not we could be comfortable affording each house, given what we wanted to do to each property. Both are extraordinary communicators, able to draw out honest opinions and elicit useful feedback; we found ourselves trying to be polite only to be reminded by Kathy that only candor will help us find what we’re looking for.

The kids are ecstatic and love their rooms and huge yard. We are finding more to love about our home and the area each day. To put it succinctly, Michele and Kathy made all of this possible: they met a family, found their needs, realized a tremendous time constraint facing them, matched them with their dream home, and made all the practical aspects happen smoothly and effortlessly. It would be no exaggeration to say that they found us our dream home and made it ours.

By the way, while we looked at houses, Michele and Kathy took turns holding our 7-month old so we could look at houses together. And after everything was done and we had moved in and gotten settled, Michele and Kathy paid us a visit and brought housewarming gifts. They are more like friends who are experts at what they do and they clearly do this because they love putting smiles on the faces of families like us.

Dorothy Weber
Denise Weber

Teacher – Mira Costa High School

Kathy and Michele are a compassionate real estate team of women that care about their clients as people and not a financial ticket. From the day we met these women, they helped us through putting the house on the market and purchasing a new home. Michele was helpful in staging our house for clients to walk through. This wasn’t easy in a two bedroom townhouse with a large extended family. She was courteous and listened to our needs and made the cramped space open and beautiful.

Kathy helped with the numerous amount of paperwork that goes along with buying and selling a house. Instead of having to travel to their office, we were able to review and sign all documents electronically. It was not only convenient, but safe and secure.

Any time we had a question, we were able to reach either one of them by phone, text, and/or email. One or both of them would get back to us promptly.

A gorgeous house pamphlet was put together to help sell the house. Professional pictures were taken of the house and the surrounding property to help people visualize what their future home could look like. Michele eloquently worded the statements to allow a person to feel at home.

They worked together with all of the agents, so that we could move out and move into our new house without having time lapses. They went out of their way to help solve all of the problems that arose so we could proceed with purchase of our new home on schedule. You would have thought they were purchasing our house with the amount of compassion and dedication they put into our new home. They treated us with respect and like family.

As we were preparing our home to sell and our new home to move in to, they provided names of individuals to come in and do the work that needed to be done. When work needed to be completed at the home we were selling, they would call around and find the right people for the job at the right price, they would show up while they completed the work, and they did this without being asked.

Once we moved into our new home, they greeted us warmly into our new house and neighborhood! We feel we have found excellent real agents that we would use again and recommend to anyone who needs a top notch agent. More importantly, we have found wonderful friends in our community!

Pete & Pam Ahmed

Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems

Thank you so much for helping us find our home!

And thank you for all your work in completing this transaction – from alerting us immediately when our home came onto the market and insisting that we come see it “right away!”, to keeping us on track with all of the paperwork involved.

You both have acted so professionally and in such a friendly manner.

Additionally, your excellent referrals to business professionals in the community eased our transition from Texas to the South Bay and has helped us make some new friends along the way!

We certainly have no reservation referring your services to our friends and family.

Thanks again!

Marvin Lai

Manager/Director Everspring Corp.

Michele and Kathy are smart, highly engaged, energetic agents who understood our needs in looking for the right property.

They are very knowledgeable in the real estate business and helped us in many aspects.

We are both very fortunate and very thankful to the team of Michele & Kathy for finding our lovely home in Palos Verdes Estates. 

Colleen & Michael Cotter

Cotter Church Supplies  – Owner

I would like to tell you how impressed I am with Michele Chodos & Kathy Siegel of Peninsula Sotheby’s! I have worked with them for over two years and they continue to be patient, honest and hard working. They keep us apprised not only of upcoming MLS listings but of those properties that are not listed on the MLS through their broad network of contacts.

My husband and I have a home in the Miraleste area but need an extra bedroom for our many relatives that come and visit. Michele and Kathy have kept an eye out for us understanding what we are looking for and knowing our price range. I am confident that they have our best interest at heart at all times.

They both took the time to get to know us, to see our home and to understand our needs (and our worries). We highly recommend the team of Michele and Kathy if you are looking to buy – or sell!

Dixie & Mike Yeck

Financial Planner
Test Pilot, Northrop Grumman

Michele & Kathy helped us through a stressful situation beautifully! It involved a corporate transfer and finding a rental home two weeks before school started in a market where rental supply was very limited. Michele & Kathy exceeded our expectations in responsiveness and their ability to negotiate. Due to the transfer we had some unique requirements that they were able to find solutions for. In addition, they have been a great resource, even after the deal was done, helping us to fit in and feel comfortable. I would recommend them without reservation.

Greg & Nancy Ward

President, CEO Ward Concepts

Kathy and Michele listened to our home requirements and then took us to see homes. They quickly learned what type of homes we wanted and we were pleased with the homes we saw. They also showed us where to shop and play near the neighborhoods where we might buy a home. This was all done very efficiently on a couple of afternoon excursions.

They have kept us apprised of the changes in the housing market and let us know of any new homes for sale.

Kathy and Michele are knowledgeable about the local area and their housing market. Their contact with us has been just the right amount for our situation. We look forward to Kathy and Michele representing us.

C. Brett Karcher

Television & Feature Film Writer

We want to share with you our wonderful experience working with Michele Swift Chodos & Kathy Siegel, our realtors.

Michele & Kathy showed us many homes in Rancho Palos Verdes, Portuguese Bend, Palos Verdes Estates, and Rolling Hills Estates. Each day we would be taken on customized house tours that fulfilled the priorities of my wife’s and my wish list.

Each time we entered a new home Michele & Kathy listened to our questions and comments, and through them we learned what was really important to us. At times I would say to my wife, “Wow, I didn’t know this existed. What a perfect space for us. How did they find it?”

Michele & Kathy made house exploring fun, stress free, and effortless. Those talents included their ability to listen, focusing on us every minute of our time together. They possess a keen intuition, intelligence, and great memories.

We’ve never experienced this before with a realtor and look forward to working with them again in the future.

Broker Referral

Kenneth G. Stickney

Real Estate Broker, BRE Lic # 01775170

I would like to pass onto you my personal recommendation for the team of Kathy Siegel and Michele Swift Chodos. Here is my story.

A family member called me to ask for advice about how their mother-in-law should go about selling the home she and her husband built 40 years ago. As a professional real estate broker, I knew the key to a successful sale was to get the best agents in the area who she would be comfortable working with. After researching two years worth of transaction in the area, reviewing 35 agents’ web sites, interviewing 10 different agents by phone, I finally set up personal interviews between three sets of agents and my client.  After our initial interviews, it was clear to me Kathy and Michele were the leaders. After their listing presentation, my client felt very comfortable in selecting Kathy and Michele as her agents.

This was a key factor. Kathy and Michele are very professional agents, but they had something extra a lot of top agents do not have. They are very easy to work with. Kathy and Michele understand how stressful it is to sell your home but even more so when you’ve built the home with your now late husband and it is now time to let go.  Through out the whole process Kathy and Michele took time to listen to the needs of my friend; they cared about her feelings.

They also kept me well informed of their progress. Because of their excellent communication skills, Kathy and Michele made me a part of their team. Egos were left behind. The goal for all of us was a successful sale of this special family home.

Working with Kathy and Michele was truly a pleasure. From day one these two were on the ball and ahead of schedule.  Staging, photos, advertising were all ready to go the day the house was listed. We had multiple offers soon after.  Together we reviewed and discussed strategies on how to proceed. Any time there was a bump in the road, we worked together to solve the issue. This is the kind of teamwork and professionalism it takes to work in the real estate arena. Kathy and Michele were the right team, the best choice, and I hope I am fortunate enough to work with them again.

Claudia & Michael Molera

My husband and I had the pleasure of working with Kathy Siegel and Michele Chodos during the process of buying our first home.

They were extremely professional and truly took care of us every step of the way, and they delivered on everything they committed to. From the beginning, and throughout the closing process, they kept on top of everything, and always available when we had questions. Both made sure that all deadlines were met. We cannot thank them enough for being so wonderful and efficient to work with. We would highly recommend them to anyone who needs a new home. We promise you will be in the best hands.

Dung Nguyen & Tim Chin

Regulatory Affairs Analyst

Professor of English – California State University Dominguez Hills

After the incredibly positive experience of being represented by Kathy and Michele as seller’s agents, it was impossible to imagine working with anyone else when we were ready to buy our new home.  All of the exacting attention to detail, thoroughness, experience and knowledge of the market, strategic acumen, and negotiating skill that Michele and Kathy put to use with such remarkable success when they sold our home in record time and for more than the asking price were employed with equally successful results when they represented us as buyer’s agents.  Among the many outstanding qualities that Kathy and Michele possess is the truly personal touch that they bring to their relationship with their clients.  They listened attentively, and took the time to get to know us and understand what was important to us.  As a result, they were able to save us a lot of time by showing us only those properties that they knew would meet our needs and appeal to us.  Michele and Kathy knew exactly when to be hands off—giving us the space to get a feel for and come to our own conclusions about the suitability of a house—and when to offer their own advice and informed opinions about the benefits or drawbacks of a particular property.  When we finally found the house of our dreams, Kathy and Michele’s unparalleled knowledge of the market and their finely honed experience were invaluable.  With their expert advice, we were able to put together a strong and persuasive bid that outpaced the competition and was ultimately accepted by the seller.  Michele and Kathy were paragons of decorum, diplomacy, and tact in all their dealings and even the most stressful of situations.  But they were also adamant and persistent negotiators when they needed to be.  Kathy and Michele were present for all of the inspections of the property, even when we were not able to be there.  They kept us thoroughly informed—in keeping with their philosophy of full disclosure—and they were also able to leverage the inspection reports to extract a significant reduction in price from the seller.  We are very excited to be in our new home and we owe a huge debt of gratitude to Michele and Kathy for making the process as smooth and painless as possible.     

Rosie & Steve Olson

Hollywood Riviera

Dear Kathy and Michele – 

Wow!  What a whirlwind these past few months have been.   It seems like just yesterday we met you at Colleen Cotter’s office in February.  At that time, we were quite unsure about what our future plans would hold.  We weren’t sure if we were even going to purchase a house in the South Bay.  What we were sure about, after meeting you and talking to you, was that we found our realtors.  

You were honest, transparent, straightforward, and kind.   While making no guarantees…

You said you would look out for our best interests, so that we would get into the best house for us.  

You said you would show us ALL of the South Bay to find the right area for us.

You said when the time came to close the deal, you would dot every “i” and cross every “T.”

You said you would negotiate the best deal for us.

And, you promised that if we were patient, you would help us find our dream home.  

Thank you for doing everything you said you would do.  You looked after our best interests, you showed us everything, you negotiated and closed the best deal for us.  

And finally, with patience, you did deliver on your promise to find us our dream home.  Rosie and I can’t thank you enough for your help and guidance on this journey.  We look forward to many happy years in our new home, and look forward to your friendship in the future.  


Steve and Rosie

Lindsey & Kyle Yip

We still cannot believe we have our new home!!! We are first time home buyers and Michele and Kathy were incredible agents. They listened to our needs and wants and helped us filter down our preferences throughout our search. They were readily available to us, even as new clients. When we found the home we loved, they got us in immediately and communicated closely with the agents. We were picked out of ELEVEN offers, and we believe this had everything to do with Michele and Kathy going the extra mile. Their reputation, their relationship with the community and selling agents, and efforts made all of the difference. We were stunned to have our offer accepted.

Once in escrow, Michele and Kathy walked us through every step as new homebuyers, and got us to closing without a hitch. They answered every one of our questions within minutes and were always available throughout the day.
The whole process can be daunting, confusing, and scary, but Michele and Kathy form a tremendous team that made the process enjoyable for us.  We could not recommend them enough!
Kyle & Lindsey