3401 Via La Selva, Palos Verdes E. CA 90274

SOLD: $2,395,000


Dr. Bonnie McGarr & Dr. Michael Lesser

Advanced Veterinary Care Center – Cardiology/Medical Director


When we decided to sell our home in Palos Verdes we were referred to Michele and Kathy by our financial advisor. She had a wonderful experience with them finding her dream house and then quickly selling her previous home, and she recommended this team highly.

My husband and I met with Kathy and Michele and were immediately impressed with their organization and presentation. They assured us they would be there to help us with every step in selling our house. They were sincere and convincing, so we decided they would be our agents. We were not disappointed.

We are an extremely busy family of four. With our oldest child already in college and our youngest getting ready to start his freshman year on the other side of the country, we had a lot on our plate. We decided placing our house on the market during the summer months would be the best time to sell. However because of our overly scheduled lives, we actually didn’t contact Kathy and Michele until mid-summer. Believing our house would be the perfect fit for a family, we were hoping to find a buyer who was motivated to purchase a home in this wonderful school district before the school year started. Because of the timing, we wanted get our home ready to put on the market a.s.a.p.

Although we were asking something short of a miracle from Kathy and Michele, they assured us they could accomplish this challenging request.

In the weeks after our decision to use Michele and Kathy to represent us, they worked quickly and efficiently. They presented a market analysis, helped us decide on an asking price, had our home evaluated, and then helped us determine where to invest in

some minor improvements prior to placing our house on the MLS. They met with each representative who came to our house and worked around our schedule to make things happen fast. During this time they arranged for the photographer (who did an awesome job of making our home look it’s very best) to provide photographs for a beautiful brochure and website. In just a few short weeks our house was officially on the market, ready for the end of summer and the buyers who were still looking for a place to call home.

We then took a deep breath and waited. We took another breath and our house was sold! Not only did we receive a cash offer for asking price, but the buyers wanted to move their family in as soon as possible. Luckily we already owned our next home and were able to agree to a short escrow.

We had thought we would have a chance to relax a bit while waiting for our home to sell, but we underestimated Kathy and Michele. They did such an amazing job preparing our house for the market that we barely had time to catch our breath before accepting the offer!

My husband and I would not hesitate to recommend the team of Kathy and Michele. They were always pleasant and extremely professional. Not only did they enjoy our menagerie of pets, but Michele, who is highly allergic to cats, fell in love one of our “fur babies”, as well as our large tortoise. They both made everything easy for us and got the job done quickly, efficiently and with minimal effort on our part.

Kathy and Michele made our almost impossible expectations a reality. And now we can finally sit back, relax and most importantly, breathe!


3401 Vía La Selva, Palos Verdes Estates, CA, United States

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