30676 Via La Cresta

SOLD: $1,825,000


Susan & Lloyd Mencinger
Vice President Sales & Marketing
Europe, Middle East, Africa
EndoStim, Inc.

We would like to offer our warm thanks to you for what turned out to be a wonderful experience in purchasing our new home!  And I must say that “wonderful” is not the term that normally comes to mind when you think of going through a real estate transaction, but in this case it was true!

From the outset it was a challenge, since we were living in London, and you were doing all the upfront work via long distance, without ever having met us. There was a lot of phone, email, and Skype-ing going on.

I think of our experience with you in two basic parts.  Phase 1 was the search and selection.  In this phase, you both brought great skill in understanding who we are as people, capturing our unique situation, having empathy for our circumstances, and interpreting our desires, (actually, most importantly, Susan’s desires).  This is clearly a very high level skill, which you excelled at, and in particular, even before ever meeting us!

You were on top of the market dynamics minute by minute, and when a house came up that fit the bill for us, you immediately ran over and created a custom video, edited by you, to specifically address our key needs. You emailed it to us in London, (which required more editing due to file size!), and Susan and I were able to review and discuss it in real time.  This creative approach was key to the process, in that few properties were coming on the market, there were multiple bids, and time was of the essence.

Also, in short order, it seemed that you could almost read Susan’s mind regarding her view on each new property. This made the process even more efficient in that we quickly zeroed in on the best selections and didn’t  waste time.

Then came Phase 2, which I think of as transaction execution.  This is where you really impressed us!  It was clear that you had a singular focus:   advocate for our interests and protect us.  You were completely honest with us and available at all times.  Your skill in the mechanics of a deal and attention to the detail are superb. You knew which inspections to have, and which were not needed.  You had a ready network of experts to advise, which helped us feel secure and streamlined the entire process. We confidently relied on your recommended negotiation approach which lead to a very successful and happy transaction for both parties involved.

Your team approach, the fact that there are two of you with complementary skills, was something that we had not experienced in any of our (considerable), prior real estate transactions.  The value of your approach became clear to us, in terms of managing the details, continuous accessibility, and speed of the transaction.  Nothing fell through the cracks!

Beyond all of the above, it became clear that you genuinely cared for us as people, which is something that we could feel.  This sets you apart in an important regard.

Thank you again for a great experience, and of course, please feel free to use us as very positive references for you at any time in the future.


30676 Vía La Cresta, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275, USA

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