29016 Clevis Road

SOLD: $910,000

Michele Koo & Harold Kim
Interior Designer
LA Fire Fighter

We were referred to Michele and Kathy by another real estate agent with whom we were very comfortable working with and trusted; she said that she could help us but that truthfully, there were two ladies in the Palos Verdes area who were the ones we should be talking to.  Recommendation of the year!

Before we talk about what Michele and Kathy were able to do for us, we need to introduce what a phenomenally difficult task we set for them.  We were a growing family looking for what every growing family needs: more house for the kids.  What set us apart was that we had basically a one and a half month deadline to find a home.  Not a house, a home.  We didn’t want to find a house knowing we’d have to move again; we wanted to set down roots and begin our future.

We talked to Michelle and Kathy initially over the phone and they arranged a day for us to come visit some homes in the Palos Verdes Peninsula.  Mind you, we were traveling 40 minutes with a then 7 month old so we had to make the most out of visits and open houses.

We met Michele and Kathy and instantly got a feel for them.  They planned a tour of the Peninsula as we visited several open houses; they wanted us to not only find a home but love the area as well. They got it.

After only 2 days of 8-10 viewings, we found what had the potential to be our home.  We say after only two days, but now understand how much preparation went into those two days.  Almost every home met our criteria and if they didn’t, they weren’t off by much.  It was also easy to see that the homes shown to us on our second visit were much more narrowly focused; Michele and Kathy had taken our comments and reactions to the first day and had refined our search for us.

Michele and Kathy are very much a one-two combination.

Michele speaks the language of aesthetics and design and possesses a keen eye for potential.  She was more concerned with how we felt about what we were seeing, whether we could envision ourselves happy in each home.

Kathy is more the pragmatist and once Michele had weaved her ideas with our own while looking at house after house, Kathy brought the discussion back to the realm of practical decisions.  She broke down meticulously whether or not we could be comfortable affording each house, given what we wanted to do to each property.

Both are extraordinary communicators, able to draw out honest opinions and elicit useful feedback; we found ourselves trying to be polite only to be reminded by Kathy that only candor will help us find what we’re looking for.

The kids are ecstatic and love their rooms and huge yard.  We are finding more to love about our home and the area each day.

To put it succinctly, Michele and Kathy made all of this possible: they met a family, found their needs, realized a tremendous time constraint facing them, matched them with their dream home, and made all the practical aspects happen smoothly and effortlessly.  It would be no exaggeration to say that they found us our dream home and made it ours.

By the way, while we looked at houses, Michele and Kathy took turns holding our 7-month old so we could look at houses together.  And after everything was done and we had moved in and gotten settled, Michele and Kathy paid us a visit and brought housewarming gifts.
They are more like friends who are experts at what they do and they clearly do this because they love putting smiles on the faces of families like us.


29016 Clevis Road, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275, USA

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