2210 West Snead, La Habra

SOLD: $1,100,000

Connie and William Lee

Lawyer & Dollar Fashions Executive

We first met Kathy on our search for a new home for our newly growing family in the South Bay Area.  We saw a sign for a beautiful home and decided to call as we drove by.  I called thinking I would leave a message and come back in a few days, but low and behold she picked up and within the hour I was touring the home. Up till now we had only met and dealt with other realtors that showed us the cut and dry routine of the buy/sell process.   Kathy on the other hand was warm, polite, and very genuine (and yes very very knowledgeable).

My husband and I had had such a great first impression of Kathy that we knew we would be in great hands to have her also represent us as Sellers to sell our condo in Downtown Los Angeles.  Not only did we ask to have her as our exclusive selling agent, but also asked her to help us in locating a new home (she kindly obliged of course!).

For us, this was not a process or just a “buy and sell”, but knew this could be a very huge emotional transition for my husband and for my newborn.   We later had the pleasure of meeting the other half of team “Kathy and Michele”, and fell in love for a second time.  Michele was a different personality than that of Kathy, but in no way lacking.  Michele added the perfect touch of class, integrity, and saavy to her team.  She was also very genuine and kind and we knew our best interest would be her first priority.

Being first time sellers, my family and I were not quite sure how to handle the situation and did not anticipate the roller coaster of emotions that would come with making such a decision. They were there every step of the way to guide and counsel us through the process.  They went above and beyond their duties as our representatives to make us feel confident and comfortable with every decision we had to make.

The list can go on and on about the amazing and dynamic of team“K+M”, but when it came down to achieving the near improbable, and sometimes impossible, the proof was in the pudding.  With their knowledge, skill and saavy, they were able to list, market and sell our home within the same week.  Not only did our home sell right within our expectations, they were able to help us screen and find us a fully qualified buyer (which is usually the hardest part in today’s economy).  Kathy and Michele’s experience and expertise were  “priceless” during this period.

My husband and I had a change of heart and decided that we would move closer to family and decided to relocate our search.  Although, the new area we decided on was not Kathy and Michele’s niche, they agreed to help us find us a new home in the Orange County Area upon our request.

We had just sold our home and were in a rush to find a new home, they knew our urgency and worked fast to find us listings in the OC area and had them set up to show within the next few days.  Kathy and Michele waste no time in what they do and are on the clock constantly.  Kathy and Michele did their magic and we were able to get in scheduled appointments as well as last minute call ins.  We eventually found our dream home and Kathy and Michele wasted no time at all.  After our home tour and meet, they were on the phones once again getting us information on our dream home along with some back ups, all while on route  back to their office.  They are true consummate professionals, and brilliant at what they do.

My family and I would like to express our highest gratitude in helping us open a new chapter in our lives!   Your team is a true pleasure to work with and we HIGHLY RECOMMEND your team to anyone.


2210 West Snead Street, La Habra, CA 90631, USA

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