21042 Wendy Drive

SOLD: $1,330,000

Patty & Craig Elder
Lactation Specialist

Media Production Systems Engineer, Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems

Even when you have found the house of your dreams to retire in, many emotions emerge when you go to sell your home.  For us selling Wendy Drive meant saying goodbye to our children’s home they grew up in, and all of those memories attached to those years. Perhaps unexpectedly there was also a certain amount of pride for all that we had done to beautify our home and make it everything we had wanted. It was our pride and joy in many ways.

So having Kathy and Michele approach the sale with such high regard and respect of our home meant more to us than we could have imagined.  We knew that they would give us an honest and realistic appraisal of the home’s value. Probably even more important they understood our concern and need for the sale to be quick and smooth due to our putting the “carriage before the horse”, so to speak.  We had already put our offer in on our dream retirement home, and were anxious to make sure our home sold in a timely manner.

Kathy and Michele were there every step of the way and in some cases proactive, such as putting into place a backup offer to assure our house sold. The photo shoot made me feel like a movie star with Michele making every room look more beautiful than ever with her touch of flowers and highlighting the details of our home.  Kathy was there making sure every detail of every contract was taken care of. And they made sure that personal items that were precious to us were safely put away before every prospective buyer’s visits, and for the open houses, which of course, were scheduled around our work and personal schedules.  That kind of detail makes a house sale not painful but a pleasure.

Both Kathy and Michele taught us it was more than just getting the price we wanted, but also an offer we could feel confident wouldn’t fall through escrow.  Their values of concern were for us and the buyers realizing it needed to be a win for all involved.  When I was out of town for a week they kept both of us in the loop with emails and phone calls, and assuring there was no delay in escrow.  In fact not only did they take care of the sale, but made sure I was getting cared for when I was sick!

Having a team that functioned so smoothly together meant if one was unavailable the other could handle everything seamlessly.  When our buyer made sudden unplanned changes to his loan, Kathy & Michele were there making sure that the buyer’s agent and escrow knew that any delay of escrow would not only be unacceptable– but if need be another back up offer was in place.  They were quick in addressing the issue, assertive in stating our stance and firm in their expectations of how the issue needed to be resolved.

Not only did we get a price we were confident was a great price for our home, but our escrow closed allowing the proceeds to flow into our purchase escrow within the necessary time frame.  We couldn’t have imagined how smoothly and with such expertise our sale went, thanks to the incredible team of Kathy and Michele.

There were no regrets saying goodbye to our home, only excitement at the prospect of moving into our dream retirement home with the help of Kathy and Michele.  If you are looking to put your house on the market or are looking for a home, I can assure you it would be a win-win for you with the team of Kathy Siegel and Michele Swift Chodos.

They will always be dear to our hearts for what they have done for us.


21042 Wendy Drive, Torrance, CA 90503, USA

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