Handling Both Sides of the Deal  (aka:  “The Double Pop”)

We WILL NOT represent both a Seller and a Buyer on the same home ...  because there is an inherent conflict of interest!

Why?  Ask yourself:

*  How does an Agent promise to represent the confidences of his/her Seller …

…and then turn around…

…and make the same promise to represent the confidences of his/her Buyer in the same transaction?

How can an Agent ethically do this?

We don’t believe it is possible.  We don’t believe it is ethical.

Ask yourself:

*  How does an Agent who now knows each parties’ “bottom line” ethically negotiate for & against himself on behalf of his clients? 

While it is legal to represent both sides in a transaction, we believe it is completely unethical.


A Buyer – who is not represented by an agent – walks into your Open House.

To the listing agent, this unrepresented Buyer is like a lottery ticket  – here is the agent’s chance to collect BOTH commissions by representing both the Buyer AND the Seller in the transaction.

We consider this an obvious conflict of interest.

How does this serve either the Buyer or the Seller?

Be wary of the explanations of the agent who would like to convince a Seller and/or Buyer that there is an advantage for them.  

If we are approached by an interested Buyer who is not represented we will recommend another agent at another company to represent them so that there is no conflict of interest.

This is OUR fiduciary & ethical obligation to our Seller.